Brain by Vasili C.


This is my brain. I have been working on it in LA since Tuesday afternoon. I have a sports section, a hiking section, a playing outside section, a school section, and another section.

My favorite part (my starting point) is the tree. As you can see the tree is not perfect and I tried my best on it. I really like hiking in the mountains because I have a house up there on the side of a mountain. We own a lot of land up there because other parts of our family live up there. We have this trail that leads to the top of the mountain and then down the hill to the barn. In the school part I have vocabulary from Language Arts and I have the science dissection of a perch. This brain represents my life.


iPad by Vasili C.

This year with the iPads has been successful in my opinion because of teachers using it in every class each day. The classes that I use it in are Spanish, math, science, health sometimes, history, and Language Arts a lot. The only class that I don’t use the iPad for is band, but that is because we have no need for them. For next year I hope to get the iPads again.


Membean By Vasili C.


For Membean words, I have not seen them in books or heard them in conversations very much but I hear words occasionally at times in class or other times at school. I like the part when we learned new words after we did quizzing on the words. I have noticed that my learning has improved over the short time that I was learning from this website this year. This is probably how I learn the words the best and I want to continue to learn more over the next few years.


The Giver Memory by Vasili C.

The first memory that I would give away would be a happy memory. It would probably be of a person at the beach. I chose a person at the beach because this is a happy memory and also a calm memory. In the memory there would be an umbrella and the person would be sitting under it. There would also be the ocean blue and wavy. The sun would be blocked out because of the umbrella but you would have a general idea of where it would be. The last thing that I would have in my memory would a few parasailing people in the background on the water.


The Ideal Teacher by Vasili C.

In Language Arts we are reading a book called The Giver. This book is based on a perfect community that has roles for people already made by the elders. I think that the ideal teacher would be caring to their students and help them overcome their learning challenges. The ideal teacher would support each and every individual student in every situation. This teacher would not give a quiz every single week but occasionally throw one in there. The ideal teacher would also give advice to the struggling students and reward the good students.


Community Service by Vasili

On the day of community service me and my advisory went to this place called TABLE. But before we went to table we ate pizza. Then we were assigned a car to ride in and I was seated in a car with a bunch of loud people. Once we got to TABLE we got the food out and weighed it. It came out to 260.5 lbs. and our class was shocked. We thought that it was going to come out to 150 lbs. but we were all wrong. After we weighed the food we sorted the food into different aisles. I did the macaroni and cheese. We sorted the foods by date and year also. After that we got all of the old and expired foods and put them in a cart and wheeled them out. Soon, we were finished with all of the work and we drove back to school. After we got back to school the day was over and we went home!


Westing Game post by Vasili C.

I just finished reading The Westing Game by Ellen raskin. I enjoyed this book because you thought that it was one person but just as soon as you had accused that person of killing him then you accused another. But it turned out okay in the end because everybody ended up where they were suppose to be. Each of the heirs had given the game their best but only one had solved it. I will not tell you because there are still some of you that haven’t finished the book. Read more of the book to find out


Hero by Vasili C.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

I think that the best part about making my hero book was cutting and pasting the pieces of paper to make the background. I think that this experience was great and a good use of time. It felt great to have one thing of mine in a gallery. My hero said that this was very nice and thoughtful.


Lady Or The Tiger by Vasili C.


Which door would you take if you were in this position? Would it be the door on the right or the door on the left? Would it be the lady or the tiger?

As he slowly approached the doors with fear and regret of his wrongdoing, thoughts raced through his head saying, “Right? No. Left? No. Right or left.” His arm hesitated for both doors each taking turns waiting.

The king raised his arm and said, “Go on with it.” So after a long while of carefully deciding which door to pick, he jumped to the door on the left and turned around. He blew one last kiss to the princess and opened the door.

He saw…the tiger. It jumped out at him and sliced him with his claw as he quickly died. Then the tiger picked him up in his mouth and carried him into his cave and that was the last of him, he was gone.He had died.

The princess ran to her room and started crying. She lived a long, sad, lonely life. Then she died lonely by herself in a castle.

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