Community Service by Vasili

On the day of community service me and my advisory went to this place called TABLE. But before we went to table we ate pizza. Then we were assigned a car to ride in and I was seated in a car with a bunch of loud people. Once we got to TABLE we got the food out and weighed it. It came out to 260.5 lbs. and our class was shocked. We thought that it was going to come out to 150 lbs. but we were all wrong. After we weighed the food we sorted the food into different aisles. I did the macaroni and cheese. We sorted the foods by date and year also. After that we got all of the old and expired foods and put them in a cart and wheeled them out. Soon, we were finished with all of the work and we drove back to school. After we got back to school the day was over and we went home!


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