Lady Or The Tiger by: Lucy W.

In Language Arts we did a project about a story called The Lady Or The Tiger. Here is my story: He stood looking anxiously at the door to the right, turning around to meet his lover’s eyes again. She looked straight at him, smiling. He didn’t know what choice to make. The princess had his life in her hands. He walked very slowly to the right door, praying that he was going to live. He thought before he opened it, my lover may kill me or let me live with another maiden. He slowly grasped the door and opened it. Cautiously he walked inside. He heard a low growl coming from the dark room. He knew it. The tiger came towards him but it did not attack him. It simply sat down and purred. The tiger walked out into the light with the man. The king was confused. He was sure he put a ferocious tiger in that door. The king looked over at his daughter. She was smiling and laughing happily.

The king was furious. The tiger was tame and let the man live. The king yelled at his daughter. Screaming, the daughter started to run. The king made the guards catch her. She cried and furiously started hitting the guards. She was put in a cell, and was put on trial the next day with the man, her lover. The next day, the princess and her lover went into the arena. The king had pulled a trick on them. He put a ferocious tiger in each door.

They both walked out. The princess went to to the left, the man went to the right. They opened the doors at the same time. Then out came the two tigers. They ripped the princess and the man to pieces as the crowd started screaming, crying and yelling. The man and princess didn’t live, but they did die together and would love each other forever.

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