The Lady or The Tiger Ending by Sylvia

He took one last glance at the princess, her eyes telling him she was up to something. He gracefully, but nervously, turned towards the doors. The doors, so alike and untouched, for he could hear nothing, but the small breaths the kingdom took, and the sounds of his own feet stepping onto the ground. Would it be the tiger, or the lady? The question stuck to his head, never to forget.

His almost silent footsteps headed towards the dreaded doors, ones he never wanted to open. The anxiousness was contagious. Everyone, including the king himself, had caught it. He reached out for the brass handle on the right door, opened it, for it was empty, nothing to be seen, all mouths dropped, the anxiousness had vanished. The looks were now shock, except the king. His barbaric, devil face was red as a rose, filled with drops of anger. The guards carefully and cautiously, approached the door with spears, swords, and many other weapons. The door still remained motionless. The king now ordered him to open the left door. There, he saw a ferocious tiger, licking his lips. He had just finished a pleasing meal. The king glanced at his daughter, but instead saw an empty chair, his eyes wandered back to the arena, and saw a familiar figure coming out of the right door, the princess.

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