Hero Books by Nate V

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the past month in Language Arts we worked on hero books. To make them we stamped paper and then ripped it. We made books that had a front scene, like sand, and a back scene, like water. The books were about a hero, like a relative in our life. My hero is my grandpa. After we made them, they were displayed in the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There was a reception and kids brought their family members and their heroes.

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Talk To Your Teen by Sylvia

In the book Cosmic, Liam is pretending to be Florida’s dad. He sneaks his dad’s book called Talk To Your Teen so he can become more dad-like. A piece of advice I would add to this book would be to not argue with your teen. For example, if your teen shares something with you that you don’t find interesting, and you say it is dumb or something, your teen will not want to talk to you because they will feel offended. When your teen walks away and makes a comeback, do not pay any attention. They’re just trying to make you feel bad.

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Talk To Your Teen by David

In “Cosmic”, Liam, the main character, reads a book called Talk To Your Teen, which is about getting to appreciate your teen, setting limits, and being a good parent. I think that it should have included something about bedtime. Bedtime is a big issue, because sometimes the bedtime is a limit on reading time, or it is letting teens stay up too late, and therefore not get enough sleep. Parents usually overestimate the time that children need to sleep, and children underestimate it. This is good, because usually somewhere in between is the most reasonable bedtime, unless the parent or teen is very irrational. During this time, teens need about 9-10.5 hours of sleep to function properly. A nine-o’clock bedtime is reasonable if you need to get up early if you live far from school, and a nine-thirty bedtime if you can get up later. Any later than that is unreasonable and unhealthy, and any earlier is a limit on your teen’s time. This is what I would add to “Talk To Your Teen”.

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