I Am Proud Of… by Keenan W

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 I am proud of swimming. Swimming is my favorite sport, and I swim almost every day. I swim on a team for the whole year, unless I stop to do a different sport. I always look forward to swimming in a meet. Some of the biggest meets of the year are the state meet and the sectional meet, both of which I am really close to qualifying for. One of the reasons that I like swimming is because it is an individual sport and a team sport at the same time. For example, you want to win your own race but you also want your team to win the meet. My life wouldn’t be the same without swimming.

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I Am Proud Of by Michael J.

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I am proud of pitching a no hitter because it is a really hard thing to do and it takes a lot of focus. I pitched it in Oxford against a team called the Fire Antz. We won in four innings because we were winning by 12 runs. I was subbing for a team called the Thunder and I also hit a home run that day.


I Am Proud Of by Julia K.

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I am proud of my sister because of everything that she has overcome and everything that she is today. She is very small for her age, only four feet tall at age nine. She has been teased for a lot of her life because of her height but she found a sport that embraces being small. My sister is a gymnast. She is second in the state for her level and fifth in the region. She practices thirteen hours a week, four days a week, and loves every second of it. My sister is a gold level gymnast, her best friends are at the gym, and I am so proud of her.


I Am Proud of the Time We Won the Championship by Michael S

I am proud of winning the championship in basketball. We went undefeated in the preseason and were the preseason champions. Next we had the real championship. We won our first playoff game, we knocked the team out of the playoffs. Our next game was against a good team. I told my friend Shaffer we have a big game today. We had a player who was not going to be there which was one of our best players. It was a tough game but we won. We made it to the championship. It was against one of my friends, Ben M’s, team. It came down to the last second but we won the championship and I was so proud of myself.


I Am Proud Of by Neil M


I am proud of running in the national track and field meet, in the 1500 meter race, over the summer leading up to sixth grade. I finished 19th with a time of 5:03 seconds. There were 57 runners in my age group running the 1500 meter from all over the country. The runner that won in my age group was from the triangle. He set a national record! I’ve been racing against him in every single meet and can’t quite beat him.

I Am Proud Of by Frederick C.

I am proud of my mini garden. It was about two years ago when we planted a fruit and vegetable garden. I had to help make it, but I thought it would be pretty boring and lame to help. So we started planting all these plants, got bit by mosquitos, and stuck pulling annoying little weeds. Besides that, it was pretty cool but not really all that fun. After a while, all these vegetables started growing including peppers and many others. My mom told me to give it water every day. Even though I gave it water once every two days it still grew. Every summer we made a garden. Right now we are growing peppers and watermelon. The watermelon is really big, growing day by day. I can’t wait to eat it!

Vegetable Gardening

I Am Proud Of… by Jinger C.

I am proud of myself for accomplishing a lot of things for the midway point of the first quarter. I have changed a lot of things from last year and that has helped me accomplish and improv more things. One of the things that I have changed from last year is studying habits. Last year I studied at the last minute before a quiz or studied somewhere I knew I would get distracted by. This year I have one of my parents quiz me or I use Quizlet which has helped me a lot. I also think I have been improving on my reading. I have opened up to read plenty of different genres and books when I used to only read one type of book. One more thing I am proud of is using my tutorial time wisely. This year I am using tutorial to read and do my homework instead of talking to my friends.

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