My First Blog Post By Matthew

Hi. I’m Matthew. I will share some of my writing over time. I have a few short stories here. This is a play about my dream one night.

Scene 1


from flickrcc

The Party On Sugar Creek

Matthew: Let’s play Frisbee!

Rest: Sure!

Simon: I’ll get mine!

(Simon runs to the garage, gets the frisbee, and charges out like a player running out from the locker room.)

Simon: Go long!

Lucas: I AM LONG!

Simon: Ian long?

Lucas: No silly! I am long.

Simon: Oh.

(Simon throws the frisbee and Tommy blocks it.)

Tommy: Pick!

Matthew: I didn’t know you were that good!


Rest: I do!

Lucas: I want Matthew.

Simon: NO WAY!!!!!

Tommy: All vs. Lucas

Lucas: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew: Tick tock, Tick tock.

(Rain starts pouring down)

All: Aw man!

Matthew: Well, we have to go to the bank.

Simon: Yeah.

Tommy: I have to go in.

Lucas: Time for Kinect Sports!

Rest: No fair!

Tommy: Bye!

Rest: Bye!