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  1. pdonnelly at |

    Do you think we should have badminton at school?

  2. Connie at |

    Great Job! Keep it up, Sheridan!

  3. 19sheridan at |

    Yes, and thank you, but I’m not sure that we would have the supplies needed at school…😪

  4. 19jingerc at |

    Great! I always thought chess was complicated. Maybe because I have never really played. Do you think it’s complicated?

  5. 19fred at |

    I like to watch Korea play badminton in the Olympics because they are really good at it, and I’m Korean. Do you watch anything?

  6. 19fred at |

    Cool! Did you watch any soccer?

  7. 19fred at |

    I hate Brazil soccer, they beat South Korea in the semifinals. But at least we got the bronze medal by beating Japan.

  8. Y at |

    I really think they should have badminton doubles at school. There was one Israeli game and I watched it. Nechama’s counselor from camps friend was in the game. They won but then they lost the rest of their games. No wonder the game was against Bahrain.

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