I Am Proud of By Sheridan


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 I am proud of my chances of being the best badminton player in my age group for my county. I won second place in the state and I won 16th in the national competitions. I have won many other chess tournaments as well. I am very proud of what I have accomplished over the past years and that I have continued with these things.

12 thoughts on “I Am Proud of By Sheridan

  1. Yes, and thank you, but I’m not sure that we would have the supplies needed at school…😪

  2. Great! I always thought chess was complicated. Maybe because I have never really played. Do you think it’s complicated?

  3. When you start, it might seem a little hard, but when you keep on going, as long as you stick with it, chess will gradually become less complicated!😄

  4. I like to watch Korea play badminton in the Olympics because they are really good at it, and I’m Korean. Do you watch anything?

  5. @19fred

    Yes! I watched two games:

    1. China vs Denmark (mixed doubles)
    2. China’s Lin Dan (World’s #1) vs Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei (World’s #2)! (Men’s Singles Final/Gold Medal Match)

    I stayed up till two AM watching those games live on TV!

    The last game that I watched was very exciting!

    Finally, for the results, China won both of the games that I watched!

  6. Sadly, I didn’t watch any soccer games except for the last twenty minutes of the Olympic final in which Mexico upset Brazil 2-1!😜

  7. I hate Brazil soccer, they beat South Korea in the semifinals. But at least we got the bronze medal by beating Japan.

  8. I really think they should have badminton doubles at school. There was one Israeli game and I watched it. Nechama’s counselor from camps friend was in the game. They won but then they lost the rest of their games. No wonder the game was against Bahrain.

  9. I looked at all of the results of the exciting soccer and badminton games in the Olympics! I can’t wait another four years! I really wish we could have badminton at our school. It’s really fun!😄 But sadly, I don’t know if we can…😪

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