My Highlights From 6th Grade by Sheridan


Overall, I have loved my 6th grade experience because of all the new friends that I have made as well as how I am doing academically. With iPads, I think that I have done very well because I can study a lot as well as practice things that I need to do. I loved using Membean because I can expand my vocabulary. I really enjoyed going to Camp Cheerio as well because of all the great food as well as the great acitivities. I think that this has been a very successful year and I really enjoyed it.

iPads At The End Of 6th Grade by Sheridan

Photo from Flickrstorm

iPads have been very useful throughout this whole year. I think that they are useful for research and they help us learn a lot. I loved having and using the iPads because they are useful in just about every single subject that I have. In Language Arts, I use it for Membean, in history, I use it for research, in science, for online textbooks, for Spanish, I use it for homework, and for math, I use it for homework as well. I really hope that we will continue using iPads as they are very helpful for my learning.


Membean by Sheridan K.

Screenshot by Sheridan

Membean is a very unique and great website. In Membean, you can expand your vocabulary very rapidly and it is very educational. There are five levels with a certain amount of words in each one that you have to learn. I have really enjoyed using this website because it helps to expand my vocabulary and it helps me with reading as well as language arts. I think that whoever wants to try this website will enjoy using it as it is very helpful for anything in language arts.


Memory I Would Give Away by Sheridan

If I had the chance to give away a memory to somebody, I would choose to give away the memory of family so they can feel the memory of joy, love and care. Even so, because warfare and death are very terrible and they are imprinted in my brain, so I would give them to the person. It would be very mean and cold-hearted to do something like that to someone. And since I am a caring person, I would probably give the memory of family first.

The Ideal Teacher by Sheridan


For me, an ideal teacher would be a very humorous and caring person. I would like him/her to treat everybody the same and equally. I would also like the teacher to play educational games occasionally so everybody would enjoy his/her class. I would expect to see a firm but not strict teacher so that even though we do have lots of fun, we will still learn many things that will benefit us in the long run. I would like for the teacher to understand everybody’s personalities as well as feelings. For me, this is what an ideal teacher would be.

Community Service by Sheridan K.

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Our advisory went to a meals on wheels shelter where people got food who couldn’t get and cook meals for themselves. We helped to sort out many things and put many things in separate bags. We split up, and boys helped in the pantry, while the girls sorted out things in the thrift shop. We sorted around 200 boxes of Mac and Cheese by year, and by month. We also helped rip open boxes, put dishwashing powder in bags, and put dog food in bags. It wasn’t that fun, but we did a very good thing for our community and we will always be proud of that.

My Giver Role by Sheridan K.


In The Giver, there are many roles that you an be assigned once you are a twelve. This is when you have matured and you will have to work with the people who have the same job as you. You won’t have as much fun, or as many friends that you had. If I was to be assigned a role, I would want to be a teacher or a nurturer. I am a very caring and patient person, who will always be persistent to help somebody in need. I think that I can also deal with many problems that I may come across with other children that I can help with and solve.

The Westing Game by Sheridan K.


The Westing Game is a mystery book written by the Newbery award winning Ellen Raskin. It is a very special kind of cozy mystery, which usually involves murder but not many gory details. I really liked this book because of the great suspense and the many puzzling twists and turns. There are many tiny details that you have to pay attention to that are very important. The main character is Sam Westing who got murdered and his sixteen heirs are all trying to find out the murderer and to win the game and fortune of 200 million dollars! As you go further into the book, you will find out what truly happened to Sam Westing.

My Hero by Sheridan

On March 21, I brought my family to the Frank gallery to read some hero books that our whole sixth grade made. My hero book that I made was dedicated to my mom. It included many short, but great stories as well as many outstanding characteristic traits that makes her my hero. We made all these books folding one large sheet of paper and adding other paper to overlap and decorate it. Here is my hero book in the frank gallery:

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly


Lady Or The Tiger by Sheridan K.

Photo by me

In class, we wrote an ending to the story of “The Lady or the Tiger” and we would have either the woman or the tiger come out of the door that the princess’s lover would open. Then, we finished the story and ending of The Lady or the tiger. This is my picture that I took of my cover of the two doors. Here is my ending for my story:

The Lady Or The Tiger?

Tarquin, the young, debonair and charming lover of the princess, moved slowly to the door on the right and creaked opened the antique door. Both doors were brown, plain, and ordinary. As he opened the normal door, behind it was his fate and destiny. He peered slowly inside and he saw it, behind the cursed door was a tiger, roaring thunderously.

The tiger’s razor sharp teeth were gnashing, drool was spewing out from its mouth, ready for its next meal. Tarquin was shocked; horror and fear rising from within his gut. Eyes widening, heart thumping, he shrieked horrendously and leapt away from the door with great agility only to feel a deep and painful cut on his back. He looked on his back, and saw fresh blood pooling onto the hard marble ground, leaving a stain so dark and red on the ground. He turned around and sprinted away from the tiger for his dear life.

He reached the other side of the coliseum and stopped. He was trapped by the tiger. He turned and saw the tiger fuming, taking large steps, one by one towards him. All around him was blurry and silent as the tiger slowly closed in on him. There was nothing now but his last chance, his small but sharp dagger that he had hid inside his hat. The tiger snarled furiously when Tarquin took his dagger out. There were a few horrid gasps from the audience. Tarquin sneered with delight and charged at the tiger.

The tiger was obviously smarter than Tarquin as he wrenched the dagger away with great ease from his hand. Then, it pounced and out came the horrible scene as Tarquin was ripped to shreds like a pillow, his blood in a big pool of blood next to his lifeless body. His final horrid shriek was always remembered by the princess, but no one ever saw the slight sneer on her face, for she had never loved him, ever…