Lady Or The Tiger by Sheridan K.

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In class, we wrote an ending to the story of “The Lady or the Tiger” and we would have either the woman or the tiger come out of the door that the princess’s lover would open. Then, we finished the story and ending of The Lady or the tiger. This is my picture that I took of my cover of the two doors. Here is my ending for my story:

The Lady Or The Tiger?

Tarquin, the young, debonair and charming lover of the princess, moved slowly to the door on the right and creaked opened the antique door. Both doors were brown, plain, and ordinary. As he opened the normal door, behind it was his fate and destiny. He peered slowly inside and he saw it, behind the cursed door was a tiger, roaring thunderously.

The tiger’s razor sharp teeth were gnashing, drool was spewing out from its mouth, ready for its next meal. Tarquin was shocked; horror and fear rising from within his gut. Eyes widening, heart thumping, he shrieked horrendously and leapt away from the door with great agility only to feel a deep and painful cut on his back. He looked on his back, and saw fresh blood pooling onto the hard marble ground, leaving a stain so dark and red on the ground. He turned around and sprinted away from the tiger for his dear life.

He reached the other side of the coliseum and stopped. He was trapped by the tiger. He turned and saw the tiger fuming, taking large steps, one by one towards him. All around him was blurry and silent as the tiger slowly closed in on him. There was nothing now but his last chance, his small but sharp dagger that he had hid inside his hat. The tiger snarled furiously when Tarquin took his dagger out. There were a few horrid gasps from the audience. Tarquin sneered with delight and charged at the tiger.

The tiger was obviously smarter than Tarquin as he wrenched the dagger away with great ease from his hand. Then, it pounced and out came the horrible scene as Tarquin was ripped to shreds like a pillow, his blood in a big pool of blood next to his lifeless body. His final horrid shriek was always remembered by the princess, but no one ever saw the slight sneer on her face, for she had never loved him, ever…

2 thoughts on “Lady Or The Tiger by Sheridan K.

  1. I like your ending Sheridan. I like how you make it at the end so that the princess never loved Tarquin!

  2. Thanks! I like this ending a lot, it evokes a lot of emotion and it is pretty detailed!😋

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