My Giver Role by Sheridan K.


In The Giver, there are many roles that you an be assigned once you are a twelve. This is when you have matured and you will have to work with the people who have the same job as you. You won’t have as much fun, or as many friends that you had. If I was to be assigned a role, I would want to be a teacher or a nurturer. I am a very caring and patient person, who will always be persistent to help somebody in need. I think that I can also deal with many problems that I may come across with other children that I can help with and solve.

4 thoughts on “My Giver Role by Sheridan K.

  1. You did seem especially nice today in Art class. You would be a good teacher/nurturer if you stayed like that.

  2. Thanks! I guess I can be a really good person! And yes, I might be a Chinese tutor sometime!

  3. If you were a Chinese teacher I might need some lesson! I think that a teacher would be good for you because you are never ever sad.

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