Talk To Your Teen by Sheridan

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In the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Liam, the main character, is very tall so he is pretending to be a dad. Since he is still a kid, he secretly puts a Talk To Your Teen magazine in his backpack. He learns many important things from the magazine.

If I could add some suggestions to the magazine, one of them would be that all kids should eat a balanced diet without many sweets. Also, even though as a kid, you probably “strongly dislike” having chores, you should have them. Right now, we don’t use the dishwasher so I have to do the dishes and wash and fold the laundry. For allowance, I get a dollar a day  if I do all my chores and I am asleep by 9:30pm. I think that all these things will be important for success later on in life. Allowance is very hard to earn because it is basically earning free money.

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If I Were A Grown-Up by Sheridan

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If I woke up one day and realized I was a grown-up, I would like to have a pet, a small bunny who could roam my house freely. If I had enough money, I would buy a nice, new and fashionable sports car to drive to and from my work building. I would like to be a banker and I would like to have two children. I would buy a big, nice house for my family to live in and I would like to have a huge television in the main room for me to watch sports. I would travel to a distant place in first class on an airplane. I would go to watch a live NBA basketball game. Then, I would go to play a national badminton tournament. Also, I would want to go to Spain and France and get a private tour of the tourist attractions there. Finally, I would finish my trip by going back home to rest and lie back in my comfy bed, after a perfect day being a grown-up.

The Red Kayak by Sheridan K.

I am currently reading the Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings. It is a very suspenseful and action-full book. It is a great page turner that I will probably finish tomorrow. I chose to read this book because it was in a book talk and the summary seemed very mysterious.  It seemed like a good book. I really like this book so far! Have any of you read this book? If so, what is your favorite part? (No spoilers!)

The Chubby Chipmunk by Sheridan

The Chubby Chipmunk


Chops was a chubby, short and selfish chipmunk. One day, he decided that he felt very good that day and shouted everywhere he went, “I am perfect and I am better than all of you!” After a perfect school day, after he got his perfect grades back, he was sure that he was the best at practically everything. Chops played overnight and couldn’t stop eating his acorns that he had saved over the years. He brought them to school and didn’t share a single acorn. As he went and grew, less and less people befriended him and soon enough, he had no friends at all. Chops finally realized that he needed to be better to others and also, that nobody’s perfect. He gradually came out with a good, nice and caring personality and soon enough, he became popular.

Moral= Nobody is perfect and have a good personality!

(Picture by me)

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Wisdom Tale Comic Life by Sheridan











In our L.A. class, we chose to write about a wisdom tale and make a Comic Life project on it. I chose Old Dog and Coyote which is a tale from Mexico. It is a tale about being kindhearted and the golden rule. The old dog could not scare away the coyote from the farm that he was supposed to guard. One day, the coyote tried to jump over a cactus and failed, and the old dog helped him. And in return, whenever the old dog barked, the coyote would run away and the old dog would earn food. I really enjoyed making this comic.

December 5th, Wisdom Tales Test by Sheridan

Today, on 12/5/12, we took a test on many different and knowledgable wisdom tales that we had been studying and preparing, all for today. To read all of the wisdom tales, we took about two months. In a wisdom tale, there would be the title of the tale, the country of origin, a short summary and a moral.

Anyway, we took a test which took me two periods to finish. The test was harder than I expected even though I knew it was open note. I think I did well because my notes really helped me to find the answers. Also, before we took it, we were all supposed to study thoroughly, and to help us find the key things in all the tales, we would highlight, bold or underline them. I didn’t really expect this test to be this hard, but I think I did well on it.

I Am Grateful For… By: Sheridan





I am grateful for many things that I have to have in my everyday life, but above all, I am grateful for my family. I am thankful to my mom for everything that she has given me, how she has taken good care of me for my lifetime so far. I am grateful to my dad for all his hard work to keep our family going with all the money and everything that we need in order to live happily. I am grateful to my brother for all he has done to support me and keep me happy. When my brother is there for me, we always get to play games and sports together which I treasure and which I always will. I am grateful for everything that my family has given me, how they have cared and loved me. So forever and ever, I won’t forget their kindness and care that they have given me.

Book Review for The Mark of Athena by Sheridan





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The Mark of Athena is the third book in the series “Heroes of Olympus”. It starts out telling how they have to figure out a prophecy about how to keep the world at peace. It is a complicated book that you should read only after you have read the first two. It starts when Percy, Frank, and Hazel who are all at the Roman legion and their peace treaty is ended by Eidolons who posses people. They come into the story many times to fight the seven because they are minions of Gaea. They each set out on their own journey to fight for peace. Will they defeat Gaea once again, or will the world fall in the hands of evil? It is a very suspenseful and action-packed book.

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My Grammar Project: How to write number in a sentence by Sheridan K.


In class, I made and presented a Keynote presentation on how to write numbers in a sentence. It was a really fun and enjoyable experience that I went through. I really loved making the transitions, every slide, and even researching for my project! One rule for my project is that for the numbers that can be written in a word (the numbers zero through twenty) you should write it out as a word. So overall, I loved making this project!

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Sheridan Community Service

Yesterday, on October 17th, 2012, me and my advisory had community service, which was making sandwiches made out of bologna, cheese, and bread. In our plan, we had three groups of three to make the sandwiches, and a group of three to package all the sandwiches. In total, we made 400 sandwiches in a little under an hour! It was really fun and we had a lot of free time left over to watch a movie. I really enjoyed doing this and I’m happy that I helped others in doing a good deed for the environment of North Carolina!

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