The Chubby Chipmunk by Sheridan

The Chubby Chipmunk


Chops was a chubby, short and selfish chipmunk. One day, he decided that he felt very good that day and shouted everywhere he went, “I am perfect and I am better than all of you!” After a perfect school day, after he got his perfect grades back, he was sure that he was the best at practically everything. Chops played overnight and couldn’t stop eating his acorns that he had saved over the years. He brought them to school and didn’t share a single acorn. As he went and grew, less and less people befriended him and soon enough, he had no friends at all. Chops finally realized that he needed to be better to others and also, that nobody’s perfect. He gradually came out with a good, nice and caring personality and soon enough, he became popular.

Moral= Nobody is perfect and have a good personality!

(Picture by me)

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