My Wisdom Tale by Lana K.

The Penguin and The Gull


Once upon a time, in the freezing cold arctic, there was a penguin. One day, the penguin sees a gull gliding through the air. As he watches, he gets jealous that he could not fly, such as the gull did, even though he was a bird, too. The penguin tries and tries many times using many different ways to fly, but he fails each time. Puzzled about a way to fly, the penguin swims swiftly over to the gull and asks how he flies. The gull tells him that he should focus on his own talent, such as swimming so smoothly through the water.The gull also told him to not follow what other people do because being a leader is much better than being a follower.

Moral: Be a Leader, not a Follower

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Wisdom Tales Test By: Ryan

Photo By Me
I thought that since we had our iPads, we had all the answers right in our hands for the Wisdom Tales test. It seemed like a very easy task for me to complete. How I prepared was that I looked at every different type of moral and thought why that story’s moral was that moral. I felt that the matching part was easy especially because I highlighted my key words. I admit that the essay part was a little boring and it made my hand hurt after a while. I would definitely feel more comfortable if the typing was done on the iPad. I do like taking open note tests and they aren’t as hard as I thought. I enjoyed the test!

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December 5th, Wisdom Tales Test by Sheridan

Today, on 12/5/12, we took a test on many different and knowledgable wisdom tales that we had been studying and preparing, all for today. To read all of the wisdom tales, we took about two months. In a wisdom tale, there would be the title of the tale, the country of origin, a short summary and a moral.

Anyway, we took a test which took me two periods to finish. The test was harder than I expected even though I knew it was open note. I think I did well because my notes really helped me to find the answers. Also, before we took it, we were all supposed to study thoroughly, and to help us find the key things in all the tales, we would highlight, bold or underline them. I didn’t really expect this test to be this hard, but I think I did well on it.

Wisdom Tales Test Alex P.






Image made by me in Sketchbook Pro

Today in Language Arts class, we took a test on these short tales called Wisdom Tales. We have been preparing for this open-note test by writing short summaries, naming their origins, and typing the moral for each one in an app called Evernote. I prepared further by making key words bold and by making a MindMiester map for the morals and types of stories. I also re-read them.

The advantage of using Evernote was that it found words or titles in stories when you typed it in the search bar. This helped when we had to name certain tales out of the 51. If I were to re-take this test, I would print out the tales because reading a piece of paper is easier for me. Also, you can highlight, circle, and underline the words.

If you were taking this test soon, these are my words of wisdom: Study! Do not think that because it is open-note, you do not have to. This makes the test harder. Therefore, do what makes it easy for you to find information quickly!

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