Wisdom Tales Test By: Ryan

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I thought that since we had our iPads, we had all the answers right in our hands for the Wisdom Tales test. It seemed like a very easy task for me to complete. How I prepared was that I looked at every different type of moral and thought why that story’s moral was that moral. I felt that the matching part was easy especially because I highlighted my key words. I admit that the essay part was a little boring and it made my hand hurt after a while. I would definitely feel more comfortable if the typing was done on the iPad. I do like taking open note tests and they aren’t as hard as I thought. I enjoyed the test!

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Tales Test By: Ryan

  1. I agree about the essays…good job highlighting the key words! But it doesn’t make sense that you said you didn’t like the test,but then on the last sentence you said you enjoyed it…???

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