Open Notes by Jinger





Today in LA class we took a Wisdom Tales Test. I have never really taken an open note test. This was a wonderful experience I want to be able to take another open note test. It was really helpful to have your notes right in front of you especially if you took good notes.

The test was open note so all you had to do to study was to make sure all of your notes were in correct order. You also had to make sure you understood the moral and summary. That’s what I did to study. I liked taking open note test because  it was hard to memorize every wisdom tale but if you forgot a wisdom tale  you could go back and look at your notes. That’s why using an iPad was ten times easier.

Open Note Test by Anna W.

For the last couple months in Language arts class we have been reading and taking notes on many wisdom tales. We have learned the different types of wisdom tales and all of the wisdom tales are from different countries.

After taking all those notes we had about a week to prepare our notes and study for a big open note test. To prepare for the test, I underlined important things, inserted my MindMeister map of all the types of wisdom tales, and made an extra credit MindMeister map of all the morals from all the wisdom tales. I spent a lot of time preparing and it really paid off.

On the day of the test I was nervous because I knew it was going to be really long. I came to start the test early during tutorial just so I could have some extra time. It was very long but not that hard. There was a section of writing summaries, fill in the blank, read and take nots on a wisdom tale, matching, etc. I even had to stay after school because it was so long, but I feel really confident that I got a good grade.

I thought the test was a good way to test us on how well of notes we took and if we payed attention in class. Although, I do feel the test was unnecessarily long. I don’t think we really needed to write six essays. Also most of the other tests I have taken only took one period not two plus tutorial plus a little bit of time after school. I do like that it was open notes because if it wasn’t, that would be a lot of stuff to remember. I hope I never have a test that long again!

Open Note Wisdom Tales Test by Michiko

Today in class we had an open note test on Wisdom Tales. To prepare for the test I highlighted the important things in our wisdom tales notes and I made my Mindmister map easier to understand. I like taking open note tests because I study and then when it comes time for the test I feel reassured because if I forget something I have my notes to go to. I think you still learn as much because writing or typing things makes them stay in your head more than just hearing it. After taking the test next time I would reread more of the wisdom tales before I took the test.

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Open Note Tests by Davi

I like open note tests because I don’t need to memorize as much. Open note tests in a way take much more responsibility than tests with no notes. Since you make your own notes, if you don’t pay attention in class then you will do badly on the test. Open note tests make me feel more sure that I will do well on the test. To end this blog post I will say that open note tests rock, so don’t worry about them as much as you do other tests.


Open Note Tests by Miriam D.


Picture taken by Me, Miriam D.

Today we had to take an open note test on our Wisdom Tales using our iPads. But just because it was open note it didn’t mean we did not have to study. To prepare for an open note test, you might want to start by organizing your notes. I found all my notes, read them over again, and then added extra details, highlighted key words, etc. This preparation made things a lot easier. I really like taking open note tests because if you forget something you always have a fallback plan. It makes me feel like I know the material really well!

To me, using my iPad felt like an advantage. It kept my notes organized and easy to find. And having my Mind Master map made the part of the test on the different types of stories MUCH easier. If there was one thing I would do differently, it would be memorizing where each country was. Other than that, everything I did made it easier.

Wisdom Tales Test By Vasili

When I started to take the wisdom tales test for LA I thought that it was going to be a short easy little packet. It wasn’t, it was about five pages. It took me both periods of LA and some of tutorial to complete this test. It took me about five minutes each for the essay questions. I studied for this by taking notes and by asking questions about how to study. I do like open note tests because they relieve all of the stress if you are prepared for them.

Open-Note Test by Jenny

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Today everyone in LA BLUE and LA GREEN took an open-note test on the Wisdom Tales and the different type of stories. I found the open note test to be a lot easier to work with because if I were to hesitate on a question I had my notes for back up.

How I studied was I would re-read the wisdom tales about every night and I would think about the morals that were alike. I would also go over my MindMiester app every night and think about what each different type of story meant.

The test was not as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it sure was a little long! I am very happy that we got to use our notes because they really helped me with most questions and they were easy to work with since I had the right notes.

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Open Note Test By Katie C.

This photo is taken by Katie.

I like the open note test because you learn a lot and you do not have to study as much. You still do have to study, but not as much. To study I created I study guide on Mindmeister. I expected to the test to by very easy, but when I took then test it was harder then I expected. I like having the notes on the iPad because you could search for words and find the one you’re looking for faster. Using the iPad was great for the test because you can just scroll down and not flip pages to find information. I liked taking an open note test.

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Open Note Wisdom Tale Test By Joanna

Today we took a wisdom tale test. The test was open note, but our notes were on our iPads. Having the notes on our iPads was helpful because there wasn’t a bunch of papers covering our desks. Also, it was easy to access our different notes rather than ruffling the papers and searching for the information. However, the iPads can be glitchy and not work, so I am glad that there are lots of ways to back things up. It was much quieter with the iPad because paper makes noise. Also, we didn’t use paper so we were helping the environment’s air quality. Also, homes for animals like squirrels aren’t being cut down as much if there is lass of a demand for paper. For the open note test, iPads are very useful.

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Wisdom Tales Test by: Shaffer W.

On December 5, 2012, we took a wisdom tales test. I thought this was going to be easy because this test was open note. But then, I looked at the test and it didn’t look easy, even with my notes. While I was taking the test, I was thinking, Mrs. Donnelly was right, I should have studied more. At the end of the test, I felt good about how I did but now I know even if it’s open note, I still have to study and make sure that my notes are ready, if it’s open note.