Membean by Dylan J.

Photo from Flickr Storm

In Language Arts we have been working on an online vocabulary learning system called Membean. We use this site to learn new words and study the ones we know. In my experience with Membean I think it was great and fun to challenge myself to see how many new words I could learn and questions I could get correct. I also think that Membean is well organized so that it is easy to learn new words and have fun. I hope that people who read this will try out Membean!


L.A. Presentation by Noah

In our 6th grade L.A. class, each of us could pick a grammar topic to make a presentation about. For my project, I chose the topic: Lie vs. Lay. I think the most confusing part of these words is that “lay” is the past tense of “lie.” Before selecting this topic, I thought these words were very easy, but after reading a few paragraphs, I noticed how confusing these words can be. In the end when I finished my project and presented it, I learned a lot about my topic, as well as many others that I listened to. I put some videos into my presentation that was a Keynote, which made my presentation fun for me to make.

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