L.A. Presentation by Noah

In our 6th grade L.A. class, each of us could pick a grammar topic to make a presentation about. For my project, I chose the topic: Lie vs. Lay. I think the most confusing part of these words is that “lay” is the past tense of “lie.” Before selecting this topic, I thought these words were very easy, but after reading a few paragraphs, I noticed how confusing these words can be. In the end when I finished my project and presented it, I learned a lot about my topic, as well as many others that I listened to. I put some videos into my presentation that was a Keynote, which made my presentation fun for me to make.

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2 thoughts on “L.A. Presentation by Noah

  1. I thought that your presentation was really good and had a lot of detail. I also thought that the videos made it more interesting.

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