Frank Gallery Hero by: Sam G.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

As you can see my brother, Spencer, (on the right) loves my hero book I made for him. Spencer is very smart, athletic and is in his junior-year at a Christian school. He is 17 years old and he can drive his car and our family’s boat with no sweat. He is nice, funny, and loves playing basketball. His dream is to be in the NBA.

My Hero by Davi

My hero is my uncle Dan Astrinsky. Dan was born in Lima, Peru and still lives there today. He lives in an apartment with his wife Ghila, his daughters Orit and Noah, and his dogs Chami, Chami’s seven puppies, and Facundo. Dan is my hero because he managed to quit smoking. Even though he started again, I hope that he can find the will to stop. Dan loves to participate in Extreme Sports, especially dirt bike racing. I admire him for this, because I think that dirt bike racing is pretty dangerous. In conclusion, I think that Dan is a great person, and that he can quit smoking once more.

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