Hero Project By Kira S.

In Language Arts, the whole sixth grade made a hero book. A hero book is a book that you basically tell a story about who your hero is and how they have affected your life. Your hero could be almost anyone, but you had to have some type of personal connection with them. My hero is my oldest sister Kara.

When I got the outline for writing our stories I had no problems thinking of things to write about my sister. These books were an amazing way to showcase our writing skills and how much our hero has impacted our life. After writing our actual stories, we had to make our books! We had a lot of help from a famous artist, Peg Gignoux.

Mrs. Gignoux was such a great help! Thanks to her, our books ended up in the Frank Gallery! Everyone was very excited to showcase our books in the gallery. Before we could put our books in the gallery we had to finish them! After finishing them, they were sent off with Mrs. Gignoux. Recently they were put in the Frank Gallery and we had the opportunity to show our parents! I thought the entire experience was fun and very exciting!

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  1. Great post Kira! 🙂 the hero projects were lots of fun, and I really enjoyed doing it also.

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