Lady And The Tiger by Kira S

In LA class we had to write a ending for the Lady and the Tiger. Here is my ending.


As the woman gestured her hand to the right, the man started walking towards the right door. Then the man quickly changed direction and started walking towards the left door! The crowd gasped in surprise! They couldn’t believe what they had witnessed. The princess was in complete shock. Now the man was in a life or death situation. As the princess was also in shock, she kept trying to motion her hand towards the right. The man stopped in front of the tall, brown door. Eyeing the door knob, he started walking closer and closer to the door. Hand shaking, heart thumping, the man was turning the knob. As he was turning the knob, he looked back once more to the princess and to the crowd. His life with the princess flashed before his eyes. A million things were going through his head. What if he did open the right door and it was the tiger and why would the princess motion to the right door if she knew it was the tiger?

The man slowly opened the left door. Skreechh! The door was opened enough for him to slip in and close the door behind him. The room was so dark that the man couldn’t see his hand in front of him. Once he was in the room, a sudden light appeared. He saw a girl with a long, purple dress, brown hair, and blue eyes holding a lantern. He couldn’t believe his eyes! It was the maiden. The man’s eyes started to adjust to the dim light in the room. He sighed in relief, although he did not understand why the princess wanted him to choose the right door which held the tiger. The crowd saw the doorknob turn, and out came the man and the maiden. The man slowly looked up at the princess and glared, and the princess hung her head in shame. He couldn’t believe the princess. The man started thinking about what was going through the princesses head when he realized that the princess didn’t want him to love anyone else but her. In the end, the man ended up with the maiden, but to this day the man still thinks about the princess.

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