If I Were A Grown Up For A Day by Kira S

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If I were a grown up for a day, I would buy a mansion and two new cars. The first car I would buy is a black Range-Rover, the second car I would buy is a customized black and pink Mustang. After I buy the two new cars, I would drive to France for a shopping spring!

On the way to France, I spotted Justin Bieber! As much as I wanted to take him with me, I decided to leave him in peace. Before I leave France I would pick up new furniture for my mansion. Once I return from France, half of my day as a grown up will be over! I must move quickly before the day is over!

I would hop in my black and pink Mustang and rush to the spa! I would get my nails done and get a quick back massage. When I’m done with the spa, I would buy a two dogs for my new mansion. I would buy two golden retrievers. I would name one Cody and the other one Cooper. After picking up my dogs, I would drive home to my mansion and get them settled in. The last thing that I would do before my day is over is take a long nap in my king sized bed. When I wake up, I am no longer a grown up. I realized how much fun I could have as a grown up but being a grown up also comes with more responsibilities. I think I will enjoy my kid years for now!

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