Brain by: Lucy W.

Photo Drawn by me

In Language Arts we created a representation of our brain, it shows the things that go on in our brain and what we think about. In my brain, family and school are my biggest things that go on. My family is really important to me and school is too. I love to hangout with all my cousins, my brother and my sister.

This brain describes what goes on in my head. I also put my Life List in my brain drawing to show what I want to accomplish. Around the edge of my brain is everything that is important to me. I really liked drawing my brain because I got create what is in my mind and it is really cool seeing everyone’s drawing of what they think their brain looks like.


iPads by: Lucy W.

Photo by me

At our school every student in the middle school has been supplied with iPads. I have really enjoyed using the iPads because they let me keep track of my homework, worksheets and projects. In Language Arts and Spanish I think we use the iPads most, like when we read a book in Language Arts, I can just get it on my iPad so I don’t have to keep track of a book. In Spanish class we do all worksheets and homework on our iPads. We also have the option to study for quizzes and tests on our iPads.

In math class and history we do not use iPads very much. I would really like to take more notes on the iPad in these classes so I don’t have to carry binders and use paper. In Science class we can prepare for tests on our iPads and take Nearpod quizzes on them. I would really like them if they had all my textbooks online so I wouldn’t have to carry those books around. Also, I don’t like bringing a binder to every class with the exception of Language Arts where we don’t bring anything but an iPad and a book (unless it’s on the iPad).

Also, on the iPad we do lots of projects, like our history project and Language Arts projects. I like doing the projects on the iPad because it has all of these drawing apps and apps like Keynote that make the projects a lot easier. The iPads have been a really good experience for me and I really would like to use them next year.


Membean by: Lucy W.

Photo Drawn by me

In Language Arts class we have been doing an online vocabulary website called Membean. Each person gets a set of words that suits their level, everyone works at their own pace. This year Membean has been a really good experience for me. I have learned lots of new words that I now see in books, movies and on television shows.

Membean is a really good system for learning vocabulary. It works at my own level and I learn so many more words. Also, my whole Language Arts class wrote feedback about Membean at the beginning of the year. We then got an email from the Membean developer about our letters. He replied to every single one of our letters. It was really cool seeing that he would take the time out of his day to write us all a reply.

At first I was not a fan of Membean because I had not gotten used to it, but then it became a really good learning system and I learned lots of new words. On Membean you can see your progress that you have made over that week, and you also can see what level you are on. Membean has been such a great experience for me and I would like to do it next year. This website has supplied me with a whole new set of words. I definitely recommend Membean to other students. It lets you learn the words at your own pace. Over this whole year I have improved a lot on getting more words correct and not as many wrong. I thought I really improved this year and I would like to do Membean next year.


The Westing Game by: Lucy W.

                                     Photo made by Lucy W.

In Language Arts class we read the mystery book, The Westing Game, which was written by Ellen Raskin and won a Newbery Award in 1979. I really liked this book. At first it was confusing but then everything made sense. The book is about a man named Sam Westing who has come back to the town WestingTown in Wisconsin to seek his heir. Sam Westing suddenly dies, and brings together all of his “heirs” to his mansion for the reading of his will. In his will he describes how he was murdered by one of the heirs in the room. Sam Westing creates a nasty game for each heir to find out which one is not who they say they are and when the murderer will strike again. Read the Westing Game by Ellen Raskin to find out who the guilty one is.

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Hero Project by Lucy W.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In Language Arts class we made hero books. Each student chose someone who they admired and someone they looked up to. It could be family, friends, or cousins. For my hero I chose my grandfather. We are very close. When I stay at his house, I always have the best time. My grandfather has influenced my life by teaching me to be caring, kind, and determined. Those are three of the many characteristics that he has. He always loves me and cares for me. I would not have chosen anyone else to be my hero. He is my hero, and it was so fun letting him read my hero book at the FRANK Art Gallery in Chapel Hill. I really had fun with this hero project.

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Talk To Your Teen By: Lucy W.

Photo by Lucy

Here are some suggestions for the book Cosmic for teens and their parents. Hope you enjoy!

Don’t give your child too many limits or they will not enjoy themselves. One example is not letting them watch TV for more than thirty minutes.

You do need your child to do some chores to show them responsibility and give them some allowance for what they did.

Don’t let your teen talk you into something that’s wrong, like letting them stay two hours past their curfew. If you do not know where your teen is going, you need to find out because they could be going somewhere dangerous.If your teen is a girl, she usually wants to go shopping. Do not let her buy all the clothes because your teen needs to learn to pay on her own.

A TV in your room varies from parent to parent, but if you do let your teen have a TV in her room, make sure she has limited with it and doesn’t take advantage of what she/he has.

Finally, do not let your teen eat too much junk food. They could become overweight and irresponsible with food.

These are some tips for your teens.

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If I Were A Grown Up by: Lucy W.

If I were a grown up, I would live in Hollywood with my husband Justin Bieber. While he was performing I would go shopping and eat at amazing restaurants. We would be happily married and live in a huge mansion. We would have our own security guards and Justin would take me on his world tours. He would buy me six cars, two dogs, and much more. We would be on magazines, everyone’s lock screens on their phones, the hottest couple in Hollywood. We would live happily ever after, and forever and always.

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Twilight Book Review By: Lucy W.







Photo by Lucy

Right now I am reading the Twilight Series. I really like it because something always happens. It’s so hard to put down when I start reading it. I also like the suspense. I am on the third book, Eclipse, and I have really enjoyed the others. This book, I think, has been the most suspenseful. Even though I have seen all the movies, the books are so much better. These books are really good, and I want to keep reading them until the end of the series.

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My Wisdom Tale By: Lucy W.

For my wisdom tale I made the moral Don’t underestimate anyone, it doesn’t matter what size they are or what they look like. My wisdom tale is named “Hide and Seek.” I really like this story because it has a good meaning to it and a good lesson. This story is about a fox who is very hungry and is dreaming about having a rabbit for dinner. The rabbit and fox play a game of hide and seek and the fox underestimates the rabbit and thinks the rabbit is dumb. Here is my story, hope you enjoy!

Hide and Seek

By: Lucy W.

There once was a fox named Dusty, she was very hungry. She thought of what her mother had taught her, rabbits are the dumbest animals. So the fox decided to go for the rabbit. The fox creeped up near the rabbit’s hole waiting for it to come out and she whispered.

“Little rabbit come out, come out wherever you are,” said the fox.

“Don’t be scared, I just want to play a game of tag,” exclaimed the fox.

The rabbit quietly said back, “How about we play tomorrow, I will meet you at the old oak tree,” said the rabbit.

“Ok,” the fox happily said, “I guess I can wait till tomorrow.”

That night the fox dreamed of having a delicious rabbit for her dinner. She thought of making a rabbit stew and not being hungry.

The next morning the fox set out to the old oak tree. She waited and waited for the rabbit to come. Finally, the rabbit came but did not want to play tag.

“I think we should play hide and seek. It is so much more fun and you don’t get as tired.”

The fox thought it was a great idea because he could trap the rabbit in a place where it would be easy to catch the rabbit.

“Of course you should go first because it was your idea, right,” the fox said greedily.

“Yes great idea, just remember count to twenty and I can hide anywhere in the forest,” said the rabbit.

The fox started counting and finally came to twenty. She knew that the rabbit wasn’t smart so she checked all the easiest places in the forest like behind a tree, a bush and many more easy places. The fox couldn’t find the rabbit anywhere. She now started checking everywhere and still didn’t find the rabbit. She went back to her house sad and disappointed.

Then she heard, “Come out, come out wherever you are little fox,” sneakily said the rabbit.

“Where are you? I am hungry and you have cheated!” yelled the fox.

The rabbit came out of the fox’s pantry.

Trembling, the rabbit explained. “I have tricked you and I have won the game,” explained the rabbit.

“What do you mean you tricked me? You are not smart and I can never be tricked,” said the fox.

“How come you didn’t catch me and how come you gave up? I was in the easiest place in the whole forest,” said the rabbit.

“What? I checked everywhere in the forest, you weren’t there,” sadly said the fox.

“Did you check my home? I was in there the whole time. You never checked there and I knew what you were planning to do to me. Why would you try to eat me?” said the rabbit.

“Everyone knows the rabbit is the smartest animal in the forest,” exclaimed the rabbit.

“What my mom said rabbits were the dumbest animals, I thought you were just going to chicken out and let me eat you,” said the fox.

“Why would I do that?” the rabbit chuckled, “You shouldn’t have underestimated me.” The rabbit hopped right out the door and said a friendly goodbye.

The fox sat there that night and thought about what he did. He was starving and made a promise to himself to never ever hunt rabbits again.

Moral: Don’t underestimate anyone; doesn’t matter the size or what they look like; Don’t judge a book by its cover.


Open Note Test: Wisdom Tales by: Lucy W.





I liked the open note test because it was easier than having to remember all everything. The open note test was also a good experience because we don’t usually have many open note tests or quizzes. The test was straight forward if you had all of your notes. You still had to prepare for the test because you could not just blow it off. You had to know the morals and the types of tales. It was a big advantage to have my notes with me. I really like taking open note tests.

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