My Wisdom Tale By: Lucy W.

For my wisdom tale I made the moral Don’t underestimate anyone, it doesn’t matter what size they are or what they look like. My wisdom tale is named “Hide and Seek.” I really like this story because it has a good meaning to it and a good lesson. This story is about a fox who is very hungry and is dreaming about having a rabbit for dinner. The rabbit and fox play a game of hide and seek and the fox underestimates the rabbit and thinks the rabbit is dumb. Here is my story, hope you enjoy!

Hide and Seek

By: Lucy W.

There once was a fox named Dusty, she was very hungry. She thought of what her mother had taught her, rabbits are the dumbest animals. So the fox decided to go for the rabbit. The fox creeped up near the rabbit’s hole waiting for it to come out and she whispered.

“Little rabbit come out, come out wherever you are,” said the fox.

“Don’t be scared, I just want to play a game of tag,” exclaimed the fox.

The rabbit quietly said back, “How about we play tomorrow, I will meet you at the old oak tree,” said the rabbit.

“Ok,” the fox happily said, “I guess I can wait till tomorrow.”

That night the fox dreamed of having a delicious rabbit for her dinner. She thought of making a rabbit stew and not being hungry.

The next morning the fox set out to the old oak tree. She waited and waited for the rabbit to come. Finally, the rabbit came but did not want to play tag.

“I think we should play hide and seek. It is so much more fun and you don’t get as tired.”

The fox thought it was a great idea because he could trap the rabbit in a place where it would be easy to catch the rabbit.

“Of course you should go first because it was your idea, right,” the fox said greedily.

“Yes great idea, just remember count to twenty and I can hide anywhere in the forest,” said the rabbit.

The fox started counting and finally came to twenty. She knew that the rabbit wasn’t smart so she checked all the easiest places in the forest like behind a tree, a bush and many more easy places. The fox couldn’t find the rabbit anywhere. She now started checking everywhere and still didn’t find the rabbit. She went back to her house sad and disappointed.

Then she heard, “Come out, come out wherever you are little fox,” sneakily said the rabbit.

“Where are you? I am hungry and you have cheated!” yelled the fox.

The rabbit came out of the fox’s pantry.

Trembling, the rabbit explained. “I have tricked you and I have won the game,” explained the rabbit.

“What do you mean you tricked me? You are not smart and I can never be tricked,” said the fox.

“How come you didn’t catch me and how come you gave up? I was in the easiest place in the whole forest,” said the rabbit.

“What? I checked everywhere in the forest, you weren’t there,” sadly said the fox.

“Did you check my home? I was in there the whole time. You never checked there and I knew what you were planning to do to me. Why would you try to eat me?” said the rabbit.

“Everyone knows the rabbit is the smartest animal in the forest,” exclaimed the rabbit.

“What my mom said rabbits were the dumbest animals, I thought you were just going to chicken out and let me eat you,” said the fox.

“Why would I do that?” the rabbit chuckled, “You shouldn’t have underestimated me.” The rabbit hopped right out the door and said a friendly goodbye.

The fox sat there that night and thought about what he did. He was starving and made a promise to himself to never ever hunt rabbits again.

Moral: Don’t underestimate anyone; doesn’t matter the size or what they look like; Don’t judge a book by its cover.


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  1. Your story was amazing! It had a lot of detail and it had a great plot! If I didn’t know you I would think you were a professional writer! Great job!

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