iPads by: Lucy W.

Photo by me

At our school every student in the middle school has been supplied with iPads. I have really enjoyed using the iPads because they let me keep track of my homework, worksheets and projects. In Language Arts and Spanish I think we use the iPads most, like when we read a book in Language Arts, I can just get it on my iPad so I don’t have to keep track of a book. In Spanish class we do all worksheets and homework on our iPads. We also have the option to study for quizzes and tests on our iPads.

In math class and history we do not use iPads very much. I would really like to take more notes on the iPad in these classes so I don’t have to carry binders and use paper. In Science class we can prepare for tests on our iPads and take Nearpod quizzes on them. I would really like them if they had all my textbooks online so I wouldn’t have to carry those books around. Also, I don’t like bringing a binder to every class with the exception of Language Arts where we don’t bring anything but an iPad and a book (unless it’s on the iPad).

Also, on the iPad we do lots of projects, like our history project and Language Arts projects. I like doing the projects on the iPad because it has all of these drawing apps and apps like Keynote that make the projects a lot easier. The iPads have been a really good experience for me and I really would like to use them next year.


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