The Memory by Jenny






Photo by me

In The Giver Jonas is being told many memories that are happy and sad from the Giver. If I was the Giver I would first give away the memory of memory of war. In this memory, a boy rode a gleaming brown horse across a field that smelled of damp grass. This was also a memory of pain and loneliness. In this memory there was lots of blood and horse riding, and it was very sad.

I would give this memory away first because it is a very sad memory, and I would want to give away all of the bad memories first. I would want to give the bad ones away first because after you go through your little stage of sadness hearing all of these sad memories you could hear all of the happy and joyful memories at the end to cheer you back up! This is my opinion of how memories should be told, what memory would you tell first?


Surprise by Sam





Photo drawn by: Sam

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? I do. Do this turn around in every direction and put a menacing look on your face. Then if someone or something is there you are ready for a surprise. Always stay alert and nothing humiliating or bad will not happen to you. You can learn from the mistakes your make like this. Do not be scared of anything and do not be taken by surprise.

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