What App I Like- Ryan H

I really like PaperPort Notes because you can use so many things with it even talking to write the story or post like I made this by. This is a demo of how useful but using this, but I think it’s more useful than confusing. The following is what appeared on the screen when I used dictation. Dictation is when I talk and the iPad writes the notes.

” You can go so far with talking mixed stories or anything you’ll be so much faster if you have already low I say to make Justin Bieber yet to say just say animal Peion a piece of paper and maybe if you want to make a long long story but for example hairy Potter was so long he would cut the time at least half by just talking. Though there is a downside on this at their minds in a while it says things you don’t really want to say. I think if you ate yourself you can do amazing things with this is just a first copy and the Sociale what I can do with this if you go so far you can do so many things such a short time. I really think a lot of people enjoyed this app and I think it will be so helpful and I think we should always keep this is so fun. You can use it to have fun or do class work either one because you can just play around and use it to help so much. I hope we keep PaperPort notes”

Sometimes is doesn’t always record exactly what you say. For example, I said “Harry Potter” and it recorded “hairy potter”. I said something about a blog and it recorded “Justin Bieber”. If you edit you will be fine and it will still be a useful app.


Playing around with notes

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