iPad for Sixth Grade by Katie

Photo taken by Katie

I think iPads for sixth grade are very helpful. When you need to do something, like go on a website for school, you can just get out your iPad and go to the website. There are many apps to help you get your work done. One of my favorite apps is calendar because I can write down my homework for the day. Some more apps that are helpful are Sketchbook x or Doodle Buddy because for blog posts and other things, if you need to draw a picture, you can use one of the apps. My favorite app is Evernote because you can take notes on it or your teachers can put something there and you can see it. I like the iPads and think they are a helpful way for sixth graders to learn.


Wisdom Tales By: Michael S



There once was a monkey named Sin Jin was so good at monkey ball. He thought he was the best there is. He always scored a minimum of 20 monkey points a game. One day he scored 40 monkey points in a game. He told everyone in the monkey village. Some people would say great job and some would say why are you so full of yourself Sin Jin. He said he was just so good at monkey ball.

Monkey ball was just like basketball but called monkey ball. One day a man and his monkey ball team came up to Sin Jin, the best in the town, and his team. Sin Jin was bragging to the man about how he was so good at monkey ball. After he heard Sin Jin bragging, the man challenged him to a monkey ball game. Sin Jin was so ready for some competition. They were going to play in front of the whole town and they were off.

It was a tough game until Sin Jin’s team got tired and was weak and the other team pulled away. Sin Jin’s team lost and he never loses. He blamed it on his team. They said why do you have to be so full of yourself?

Sin Jin went home and thought about what happened. He apologized to his team and everyone. He told them that he he would not be so full of himself and the town lived happy forever.

The moral: don’t be so full of yourself.