Hi Guys! By Rod

Hello from Boston! I’m standing here in my mom’s apartament staring at the hotel HYATT.We just moved out of the old house and I saw the new family move in yesterday.( just to be secure) You can see everything from here! Even a white bird flying very close to the window. A police car’s siren, the guy being pulled over, (not to be spying) im watching the whole thing! The cop just pulled over a van and the guy is being summoned for a ticket, if you know what I mean. It’s very nice over here and say hi to my friends for me!

Sorry, I can’t post a picture on this computer.

Hi Gus!

Giver Assignment 2 By Rod P

Let’s just get this over with,

If I was the Giver and I had to give Jonas the memory of Halloween. It would be scary, but fun! He would be with dressed up people and scary costumes, who knows what fun he could have! Why do I think so? I think so because he would get to enjoy himself, and in the mean time get frightened like a little chicken!


If you liked this post, please comment,and if you didn’t, well, I guess scream at your own foot.

photo from Flikrcc

photo from Flikrcc






PS: That makes NO SENSE but it’s funny! 😛

Tests by Rod P

There are so many tests!
I can’t take it any more! Ok, we have science, Spanish, grammar,ERBs, vocab and so many more!

Back to the point. The tests are a little bit too much. They are annoying, lame, and just unnecessary. Isn’t homework enough? I guess not. Well, we just came back from spring break and BOOM! A bunch of tests to study for. If anybody agrees with me please comment and say so.

Aside from that, look at the good news. I got 100% on my Spanish pop quiz! Best in class! 🙂

Back to agreeing with me: If you disagree, please say so. And of course, please mention your name.

P.S. You are awesome if you agree!

My life is Gran Tourismo by Rod P

My life is Gran Tourismo. When you have a race, you get a rank when you finish it. When I have a day, I have a rank each night starting at 100 points for example: Got an A in spanish +10 points; Have to redo the same piece in piano piece -7 points; etc. See, my life is on a line like if you finish a race first second or third, you get points. Don’t finish a race in the top 3, you dont get any bonus points. Finish below the last 3, get negative points. This is my life. It can be a Ferrari or a Hugo. This stinks.


race car
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Cosmic By Rod P

A few days ago I read the book Cosmic with my teacher Mrs. Donnelly. Not the whole book but part of it. It’s not the best book that I’ve read but it’s very, VERY funny.Just saying. We’re currently reading about a boy named Liam. Not that he’s in space, or anything like that… But as I was saying, a few days ago we finished reading about when he was on a field trip at a theme park. About that we’re making a roller coaster. I’m naming mine 50 Calibre. OK, where was I? Ah yes, he was at a theme park and he went on this ride. It was a ride wit an elastic band which was pulled and you would be flung into the air with such force that  many people would barf just after. It’s a good book. You should read it.



Red Tails by Rod P

On Sunday the 22nd I saw a movie that changed my life- well not literally but still- It was called Red Tails. It was very sad but still it was cool to watch.

The 327th fighter group was all of black-or colored-whichever you prefer-pilots. At that times the US was still segregated. They were given outdated planes, an didn’t even get a properly built base. Later on, they proved themselves worthy of better planes. The old P-40s were replaced by the best plane of the day- the P-51 Mustang. They were told to stay close to the B-17 bombers and to not be lured to the Germans’ decoy squadron. This one black pilot, codenamed Lightning, Was the best pilot of the squadron. He fell in love with this Italian girl called Sofia, but sadly he died. He was in a combat with the new German jet-fighter the Messersmit Me-262. He went head-first with their top ace called pretty boy. He killed him but was shot up and died. Everyone was so sad. The white bomber pilots mourned for him.

This changed my heart.

If I Was an Adult

If I woke up as an adult for one day, I would buy a stunt plane and just fly for the whole day. I would refuel when needed, mainly at local airports, then I would land at an airplane store, sell my stunt plane, get a private supersonic jet, fly to Italy, refuel then fly to Russia, sell my supersonic Jet, buy a Russian fighter, Jam the controls, Return my Russian fighter, and buy back my supersonic jet. I would fly back to Italy, refuel, go back to the airplane store where I had sold my stunt plane, return my supersonic Jet, buy back my stunt plane fly to Cape Canaveral Space Base, steal the space shuttle, and fly out into space.



2011 by Rod P

What many people know is that 2011 is ending. I would like to explain my opinion of the big 11.

I have had a pretty good year myself, personally, but that is not why I’m here. What you are about to read is a blog about the military anniversaries and events that happened this year.

To start, a few months ago, we celebrated a death. The death of Osama Bin Laden. Then, later on, the death of Gaddafi. On the 7th, the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Now, the good news, our soldiers are coming home! That means that my next door neighbor’s uncle is coming back. He told me that he would teach me about his adventures. But, my uncle also died on 9/11.

So, I hope everyone celebrates the new year of 2012!