The First Memory to Give Away by Franny

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. The main character in this book is named Jonas. He lives in a community (that I am guessing is in the future) and the community has gone to “sameness.” This is where there are no feelings or harmful things and no temperature or weather, etc. There is even no color and the people are assigned jobs. Jonas is assigned the role as Receiver of Memories so that the rest of his community does not have to bear the memories of life outside their own and of the world and their community, and back, and back, and back. He is being trained by the Giver who gives him the memories.

If I were the Giver, the first memory I would give, to let the new receiver understand, would be of family. This would be because it would give the receiver a chance to know that there were many ways of living a long time ago, and people lived differently by ways other than the ways of the community. It would give a good start to what the Receiver would be receiving, and it would give me a place to begin to explain. Plus, family is happy memories and it would be good to not start out with an intense, or painful memory.