Community Service: Working for TABLE by Miriam D.

Image by me, Miriam D.

I have always liked community service at the middle school. It has always been really fun and rewarding for me. But this time I particularly liked it! My advisory went to TABLE in Carrboro, North Carolina. TABLE is an organization that gives food to kids who can’t afford it. Kids may get free meals at school during the week, but have nothing to eat a home over the weekend. So TABLE tries to provide fresh, healthy foods that kids like to eat. I had donated and worked there before with my family, so it was fun going back.

Over a couple of weeks, my advisory had brought in food to donate to TABLE when we went. We collected 260.5 pounds of food!!! Then we wrote the expiration date on all of the food that we brought. If something didn’t have a date or was expired, it went into a bucket that goes to a food market where people come in knowing that food may be opened or expired, but get to shop for free!!! Then we stacked all of the food that we brought on the particular shelves that they go on. They are VERY organized! After that we put all of the expired, opened, or not dated food into bags so that it could go off to that market. But sadly, after that, it was time to go. I am definitely going to sign up to work there again, and I feel really good knowing that I helped someone!


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