Brain by Nathan G.


So as a fun last project we made a poster with our brains on it! It was a drawing of course!! Well we could do almost anything as long as it had a brain on it so see what I did above! ⬆ Well anyway something that has been in my brain lately is 7th grade! There are only 3 days of school until summer!!

I’m really excited about 7th grade but at the same time I’m kind of scared! I’m really psyched about being able to participate in school sports which is going to be a lot of fun and also about study hall!! It’s going to be very useful to be able to have a whole period to do homework!! But up has its downs. Starting next year we will have to start taking exams!! That means having to take tons of notes over the year and keeping them safe until the end of the year when we have to study them!! For the most part I’m really happy and excited for 7th grade and I think most people are too!

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