Membean By: Ellie






Membean is a new software program that helps students learn vocabulary at the student’s pace. I like this website because it helps you feel less pressured to do well on quizzes. Also, they made really creative and fun ways to learn the words, like a Word Theatre. This is a short video that is about your word. I also like the Quick Glance tool. This provides a synonym to the word that is easy to comprehend. Another thing that is helpful is, they tell you which words you kind of know, the ones you know pretty well, the ones you know very well, and the ones you know like the back of your hand.

Membean by Anna W.






This year in language arts, we started a new program called Membean. It focuses on vocabulary. You learn the root words, vocabulary words, and the spelling of words. There are many different ways of learning the vocabulary words. For example, word constellations, pictures, multiple choice, and more! I have enjoyed Membean a lot this year because you get your own set of words and learn new ones often! I think this has been a great experience for everyone because it is a different way of learning! I can’t wait to continue Membean next year in seventh grade.


Membean by Will P

Screenshot of my dashboard by me.

This year in Language Arts, along with using the usual weekly vocabulary, we have also been using Membean. Membean is a fun way to learn vocabulary online! I really like the method that Membean uses. Every once in a while they teach you new words all the while keeping old words fresh in your mind. I have come a long way with Membean. I started off in level one and now I am in level two. Last night when I was watching Jeopardy, one of the answers that I got right was a word I had learned on Membean. My Language Arts class wrote letters to the developer and he said that he will email each and every one of us back! I have enjoyed using Membean this year.


My Membean Experience By Shaylen A.




In the 6th grade Language Arts class we have been doing a vocabulary system called Membean. It is based on SAT words. We use this and vocabulary tests that our teacher gives us. I am not personally a fan of Membean because it makes the learning of it more boring. For example, you have to go over and over a word and it will never stop. I feel that you should take it on the Membean quiz and if you get it wrong there then it makes you go over it. So what I’m saying is I like vocabulary lists over Membean.


Membean by Davi

I think that Membean is a wonderful program. Membean teaches us new words, and strengthens them, before adding new words to our vocabulary. It does this with multiple choice questions, word maps, and pictures. Event though Membean has its flaws, I think that it is still better than memorizing vocabulary lists. Vocabulary lists just make you memorize the words for one week, then you can forget them. Membean revisits old words, so that you can’t just forget them. Every once in a while, one of your very first words might pop up. Because of this, you remember more words, and your vocabulary grows. In conclusion, Membean is amazing. Try it out, and share your opinions on it with a comment.


Membean By Vasili C.


For Membean words, I have not seen them in books or heard them in conversations very much but I hear words occasionally at times in class or other times at school. I like the part when we learned new words after we did quizzing on the words. I have noticed that my learning has improved over the short time that I was learning from this website this year. This is probably how I learn the words the best and I want to continue to learn more over the next few years.


Membean by David

Here is an example of a word that I learned in the beginning of the year off of

In this Language Arts class, we had the opportunity to use a vocabulary program called Membean. It teaches new words and analyzes your work to decide what to do for your words. I really like it much better than book-and-list vocab, because you get to personalize your learning. It is really fun, so I do it quite a lot. I have been able to get past one level, and now I am close to finishing the program.


Membean By Norman

In Language Arts we use a webpage called Membean. It lets you study words at your own pace. At the beginning, you take a quiz that lets you learn your own level. Then it gives you words to learn through many things. Then you take a quiz again to see how you did. I am currently level 3 and I love Membean! I would recommend for all of you to at least check it out. All of this was created by Mr. Ragav Satish and his team.


Thank you!


Membean by Michiko

In our Language Arts class we use a website called Membean. It is a website where you can learn more vocabulary words on what level you are on. When you first get on to Membean it will show you different words and you will check a box that ether says you know it or you don’t know it. After that first test you don’t have to take it any more. Your words just get harder and harder.

In class this year we use it several days a week. The thing I really like about Membean is that the words that it teaches you, you will find in books and on TV and you won’t have to look that word up. My favorite part of Membean is that when you miss a word or restudy a word it gives you a paragraph with that word in it and you guess what it means from three choices. I like that because it is just like the questions you get later without the paragraph so you are ready for when you get the question later.

I have come pretty far in Membean. At the beginning, I would only get a few right and many wrong but now I get more right than wrong.

During the year our class wrote letters to the developer about Membean saying things we liked and things we thought needed improvements. The developer wrote us each back saying how he appreciated the letters and how he would try to fix and improve the things that we suggested. I would definitely recommend this program to people who want to learn new words. I am looking forward to using this program next year!


Membean by Katie


In Language Arts class, we do Membean. Membean is a website that helps you learn new vocabulary words. I like Membean a lot because it gives me many different ways to learn the new words. I noticed that I learn best when I repeat the word and it comes back up every so often. Membean does that and the word keeps coming back up until I learn it.

We wrote the Membean developers letters. I wrote in my letter about where the “I’m done” button is and that it should be moved because it is right above the “Continue” button and sometime I hit the wrong button. The Membean team wrote back and said that they are going to move the button.

I really like Membean and I think it really helps me learn. I think other students should do it too. It is a great way to learn and it is fun too. It is fun because they have videos for when you get introduced to the word. The videos are my favorite part about Membean. Membean is a great way to learn new words and I love it.