Membean by Michiko

In our Language Arts class we use a website called Membean. It is a website where you can learn more vocabulary words on what level you are on. When you first get on to Membean it will show you different words and you will check a box that ether says you know it or you don’t know it. After that first test you don’t have to take it any more. Your words just get harder and harder.

In class this year we use it several days a week. The thing I really like about Membean is that the words that it teaches you, you will find in books and on TV and you won’t have to look that word up. My favorite part of Membean is that when you miss a word or restudy a word it gives you a paragraph with that word in it and you guess what it means from three choices. I like that because it is just like the questions you get later without the paragraph so you are ready for when you get the question later.

I have come pretty far in Membean. At the beginning, I would only get a few right and many wrong but now I get more right than wrong.

During the year our class wrote letters to the developer about Membean saying things we liked and things we thought needed improvements. The developer wrote us each back saying how he appreciated the letters and how he would try to fix and improve the things that we suggested. I would definitely recommend this program to people who want to learn new words. I am looking forward to using this program next year!


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