Membean by Batu P.

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Membean is a program that allows you to learn new words. When you first start you have to go through a list of words and say if they’re real or not. There are made up words so spamming yes won’t work. After the initial part, it gives you a level. I’m on level 2. When you click the start learning button you can select either 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,45,or 60 minutes of practice. Overall, I like the program and think it’s a good idea and has a huge potential.


Membean by Grace







In our Language arts class, this year we have been using Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary learning site, and it was very helpful to me because I learned a lot of new words and root words. Earlier in the year I didn’t know that much about Membean, so I didn’t like it as much as I like it now. Membean quizzes you on many different words and there are different levels too, I started the year out as a level 1, but now I am on level 2 and it has a lot more words. Membean tells you if you have learned the word or not, and you can also see how many words you have just started to learn, and the words that are on their way.

I like Membean a lot, sometimes when I’m reading a book I see a word that I have learned from Membean, and would otherwise have to look up to understand what the book was talking about. I would recommend Membean to other student and schools. Membean could even take the place of vocabulary quizzes, because the teacher can send out quizzes to students, and the teacher can see what the students got while they were learning on Membean. I think my learning vocabulary has really improved by using Membean because I remember the words rather than studying them for one week and then forgetting them. This is why I like Membean.


Membean by Sheridan K.

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Membean is a very unique and great website. In Membean, you can expand your vocabulary very rapidly and it is very educational. There are five levels with a certain amount of words in each one that you have to learn. I have really enjoyed using this website because it helps to expand my vocabulary and it helps me with reading as well as language arts. I think that whoever wants to try this website will enjoy using it as it is very helpful for anything in language arts.


Membean by Nate V.

In Language Arts we use a program called Membean. Membean helps you learn vocabulary by putting you through training sessions where you answer questions about words you already have and then you learn new words. We try to learn enough new words that we go up to the next level. Mrs. Donnelly can give us a quiz if she wants to. I like Membean so far and I think it is great. We got to write to the creator of Membean and suggest something to add and he wrote back! I would definitely recommend Membean to another school.


Membean by Noah








Membean is a useful tool to help learn many words for the SAT or just to learn them. In Membean you have your personal dashboard which can tell you many things like how many words you got right during the last study session and how many words you have already learned well. When you are in a study session, Membean puts up various pages to help you learn the word. For example, when you are learning a word, the program would load up a page with many things like memory hooks or synonym maps.

My experience with Membean this year was excellent. I started learning 335 words out of 401 words and have about 250 of them almost ready for the target day, which is when the program expects you to have learned the words if you do four 15 minute study sessions each day.

I think Membean is a lot better than vocabulary lists because first of all, vocabulary lists don’t let you learn as much. Second of all, Membean continuously tests you on the words that you’ve learned, so if I learned something a few weeks ago, Membean might test me on it today again so that I remember it longer. Also, I think Membean is a little more fun than vocabulary lists. After learning words in Membean, all of a sudden they start popping up in books and I actually know what they mean!

I personally learn best when Membean gives me more synonym maps. I am kind of interested using Membean over the summer and seeing what level I can get to. Membean is a really great program and I would recommend it over vocabulary lists to students next year.


Membean by Julia

During the year, we have been using the online vocabulary program called Membean. I think that this program is very useful because it helps us learn words in ways that are easier for us to remember. Another reason that I like Membean is because the word that you practice are chosen for you, and what is best for you to to be learning as opposed to a range of words that “everyone should know and learn.” Plus, Membean also helps me learn root words, which is very helpful for identifying words that I have never seen. Overall, I think that Membean is a very good program.


Membean by Keenan W

Membean is an online vocabulary site that my Language Arts class has been using for most of the year. On Membean, you receive different vocabulary words that you have to learn. Membean has been a very good way for me to learn new vocabulary. If I see one of my Membean words in a book I am reading, I know what it means.I like how Membean makes you restudy a word if you get a question wrong, because if you get the question wrong it means that you don’t know the word.

Sometime in the middle of the year, our class wrote the developer of Membean telling him things that we like and don’t like about Membean. He wrote back to every single one of us. It was really cool because he told some of us that they were working on some of the things that we wrote about. I would recommend Membean to anybody who is interested in expanding their vocabulary because Membean is a great way to do that.


Membean Vocabulary Learning by Neil




Membean is a new, fun, and helpful way to learn new words. Previously we had only been doing assigned lists each week in school. Now we are using the online program Membean. Each week I find myself learning more words.

When I first began, the program placed me in a level that fits my ability. So the words I am learning are new but I am easily capable of learning them. The way it works is the computer introduces new words. After that it will filter through those words and keep them in your memory. Soon I had about 300 words. The computer will continue to show you these words until it thinks you’ve mastered them. There are 5 levels in the middle school Membean, and 5 more in the high school level. Membean has really helped my learning progress! I will be looking forward to using Membean during the summer.


Membean by Kay Y.







An example of a question from Membean.

In Language Arts class this year we started doing an online vocabulary word program called Membean. I think it’s a really good program because it forces me to learn the words that I don’t know as well until I know them by heart! Membean is good because it has a lot of repetition of words, and many different types of questions. One type of question that I find hard shows you a picture to describe the word, a hint, the first letter and the other spaces. I find this type of question hard because its difficult remembering a specific word from just a letter and a hint. One thing that I like about Membean is that whenever I get a new word the program shows me a picture that helps give me a sense of what the word might be. Because membean has so many different types of questions it really trains me to learn the word and its meaning not just the answer to a question!


Membean By: Shaffer W.

Membean is a fun, new way of learning vocabulary words. I do Membean almost all of the time at school and I learn new words every time I go on it. I have experienced Membean for quite a while now and I can tell you that it has been so much fun learning new words.

One thing that I like about Membean is that when you get a word wrong, it takes you back when you first learned it and you answer it again. Sometimes when I’m not on Membean, I hear words or read words in a book that I learned on Membean which is pretty cool. I have come a long way with Membean and I would very much recommend it to any other student because Membean is that awesome.