Membean by Grace







In our Language arts class, this year we have been using Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary learning site, and it was very helpful to me because I learned a lot of new words and root words. Earlier in the year I didn’t know that much about Membean, so I didn’t like it as much as I like it now. Membean quizzes you on many different words and there are different levels too, I started the year out as a level 1, but now I am on level 2 and it has a lot more words. Membean tells you if you have learned the word or not, and you can also see how many words you have just started to learn, and the words that are on their way.

I like Membean a lot, sometimes when I’m reading a book I see a word that I have learned from Membean, and would otherwise have to look up to understand what the book was talking about. I would recommend Membean to other student and schools. Membean could even take the place of vocabulary quizzes, because the teacher can send out quizzes to students, and the teacher can see what the students got while they were learning on Membean. I think my learning vocabulary has really improved by using Membean because I remember the words rather than studying them for one week and then forgetting them. This is why I like Membean.


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