Membean by Jinger

The new online learning system we have started this year called Membean has helped me a lot with progressing in vocabulary. I loved how the system is set up because it is easy to learn all the words. There are lots of different activities on the pages besides the definition which helps me understand it more.

What helps me learn best is the quick definition they have ,then I review the different things on the page like the memory hook, word theater and context. Sometimes I would see the words I learn in Membean in a magazine or book, and I get so surprised becuase at the beginning of the year or in 5th grade I would never have understood what the word meant.

A couple of months ago we wrote the Membean company about what we thought of Membean. When Mrs.Donnelly gave us our letters back we got to see what Membean wrote us back. I appreciated that they wrote us all back letters individually. I liked receiving the letter they back to me. I would recommend other students using Membean because it helps a lot. I am looking forward to using it over the summer and next year.


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