I Am Thankful For… By Vasili

I am thankful for my dog and cats. My dog always plays with me when he wants to or when I run around the house with him. My cats don’t play with me but they will sit with me on the couch or jump on my bed to sleep when I am at school. One of the cats will not sleep on my bed because she is afraid of my dog. She sleeps under my mom’s couch because my dog can’t fit under there. My other cat sleeps on my dog’s bed and he gets angry at her and then he barks at her. The only male cat was rescued from the Bojangles parking lot when a car ran over his foot. My mom was a few cars behind the one that hit him. She ran to get him and take him to the vet’s office to get his arm fixed. The cat that sleeps under the couch was found by my cousin in a dumpster. The cat that sleeps in my dog’s bed was my aunt’s cat that she had for a while and then she was going to be locked up in a cage if we didn’t keep her.

Dogs by: Ellie

If you go outside and go for a walk how many people do you see? How many of those people have dogs? The answer is a lot. Many people have dogs and many people have cats, but dogs are much cuter! Dogs are loyal and they are like your own free security system. I like dogs because they know exactly how you feel. They know if you are happy and they will play. If you are sad they will comfort. If you are mad they will leave you alone. They also will act like they just had a super-size cup of coffee but all in all dogs are cute and they will be an energetic companion.

Snow day, 5 February 2012

The End of 2011by Alex G

2011 is now ending and I was thinking about what stood out in the year. Well I love animals and have a lot of pets so when I get a new one, it’s very exiting. This year I got 2 kittens. I already had a cat who was very solitary and didn’t like to be pet. It is now nice to have 3 cats and 2 of them affectionate. The two kittens were constantly annoying and harassing the older one so she started biting her tail because of stress. This led to a torn up tail and blood everywhere. She then had to get her tail amputated and had to wear a cone on her head for a couple weeks which she also hated. She is now out of the cone and the rest of the tail (she still has which is a few inches) is growing its fur back. She is now swiching back and forth between my bedroom and my parents bedroom. She’ll soon have to get used to the kittens and she’ll be able to freely roam the house without Sylvester and EJ (the kittens) literally on her tail all day. This may be when Sylvester and EJ are adult cats and are less wild.

You can see all three of the cats in my Photography: Cats post

Here’s Polka Dot