“Ranger’s Apprentice” By: Ryan

Photo by Ryan

I am reading “Ranger’s Apprentice” by John Flanagan. I started reading this book because my cousin recommended it. I didn’t understand the book at first, but after a while you start to understand the plot. It is about a young boy named Will and he is chosen to be the apprentice of a very mysterious ranger. A ranger is practically a spy. Will is specially trained to be sneaky and agile. He even gets a special ranger horse. Everything is going well until the ranger gathering. That is when all the rangers from different fiefs come and inform each other on what’s going on. One ranger says that Lord Morgarath and his army is back to invade. Will has to use everything he learns to keep everyone alive. I think it is a very good suspenseful book!

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One thought on ““Ranger’s Apprentice” By: Ryan

  1. Sounds cool Ryan! I think your blog post is very informative I like how you described Will you seem to have a very flexible and creative writing skills. Also your picture is good I like the background pillow.😃

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