Community Service by Grace





For my advisory’s community service, we went to the TABLE. We donated 260.5 pounds of food and helped them organize it. TABLE is a small house where there is a lot of food that people have donated to, and they send out the food in bags to kids or adults who don’t have food over the weekends, or don’t get three meals a day. The first thing we did when we got there was weigh what we donated, and that is how I know that we donated 260.5 pounds, we also estimated how much we donated the highest estimate was 163 pounds, so we were way off. The next thing we did was write the expiration dates on the food. Then we organized the food, I was in charge of applesauce, and there was a lot of applesauce, we organized the food by kind and expiration date. I had a good time organizing the food at the table!


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