How I Am Using the Laptop By Gus

The pilot. The Macbooks. You must have heard of the pilot that is going on for the sixth grade. Before I had this, I just had some computers in the lab. Now I will tell you how and when I use the laptop. For my A and B periods (French and pre-alg), I sometimes use it. I have never used it during pre-algebra, and sometimes for French when we are doing Quizlet and taking notes. For history, I use it probably every three days for taking notes. I’m not sure about science because we have been doing our animal project, but I have used the laptop for homework every time. I don’t use it in P.E, of course, but sometimes I use it in health. There isn’t a reason that I would use it in fine arts, and I don’t have tech this year. Since I got it from Language Arts, the class uses it every day in Wisdom Tales, vocabulary, and blogs. I use it at my house for checking homework, Firstclass, and Moodle. My parents don’t like me using their computers sometimes, so I use the laptop. I use it during break, lunch, and tutorial. The laptops are a big contribution to the school and I hope that the pilot spreads to the rest of the school. They are very helpful, and I hope that you will visit the blogs.


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