Students and Parents – We Would Like Your Input


The exact date has yet to be decided, but we are getting closer to switching students who have the iPads and Laptops. Before this happens, we want to gather feedback on what worked, what did not work, what impacts to learning were observed, what impact having 24/7 access provided, and what uses were most beneficial.

Parents are welcome to complete this survey either with their student or on their own using their students log in credentials but noting whether you are a student or parent. In addition, anyone not connected to Durham Academy will not be able to complete the survey as our Google Apps is a closed system.

This is a link to the Pre -Use Questionnaire.

One thing we have learned is that students need to have the ability to manage the devices provided them so we are not asking any questions related to this need. This was an obstacle that was needed for the project, but would not be a part of an actual device, if we were to do a device.

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