Reflection On Laptops by Aishwarya

I really like having a laptop because instead of writing with paper I can take notes on Evernote, Pages, Google Docs, and Word.  I really like how I can take my laptop home and do my homework on it and projects too.  I also like that I can use it for different subjects


4 thoughts on “Reflection On Laptops by Aishwarya

  1. I like the picture, and the blog. The only thing that I think you should do is expand the blogs, but other than that it is very well written.

  2. Your post is awesome! My favorite part of having a laptop is being able to carry it places.

  3. Aishwarya,
    I also like having the laptops because you can do more stuff than on the iPads… If they can fix the iPad so that they can do the stuff a computer can do, I would probably like it more.

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