Laptops, Nowadays by: Ashwin S.

After a couple of months of using these computer I have got my official opinion on it. It’s useful. BUT, I don’t use it very much. That’s one of the problems. I don’t use my MacBook because I have a newer Dell at my house so I prefer to use my Dell. My MacBook  has come in handy though, because I sometimes have to get information from the Internet. That is why next year it would be a huge help if we had computers because then you can look up all the information you need in school and around the clock. Surprisingly I have not become dependent on my computer which I thought would happen but that’s only for me, it might me different for other people. Also at the same time there an iPad pilot program going on. Personally since I have used an iPad before I think it will be harder to move documents around and know where your stuff is. Still, iPads have some really nifty applications that are quite useful. In the end though I personally think that for MOST people, it would be better to have a laptop than a iPad. Still if that happens we should still stay with the traditional ways of studying and we should not try to do everything on our laptops or iPads.