Laptops by Christy M

I have now had my laptop for the pilot program for several weeks. I think it is good in ways and bad in others. I think we should keep our laptops for several reasons, first. Some teachers have been using the laptops recently and having us record and learn things from our laptops. Another thing is the laptops are fairly lightweight and easy to use. Unfortunately, some of the teachers are not as welcoming of the laptops, making there be no sense in in having a laptop and a messenger bag. All in all, I think the laptops have been very helpful, especially programs like Evernote. My opinion is that DA should keep the laptops.

So far, I’ve been using the laptops mainly to take notes, but also to write things, including an essay. I also have done homework on these laptops that has been graded, and I have teachers who have kids with laptops recording things on the DA website Moodle for them.