Talk To Your Teen Frederick C

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In class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. It is about a boy named Liam, who is very tall for his age. So he fakes his age, and his fake daughter, Florida, goes on a trip because they won a prize to go to China. Liam has a magazine he brought along called Talk To Your Teen, to make him seem more like a dad.

If I were to add something to that, I would add to make sure your kid doesn’t get a bunch of junk food. Because if you do, they might get health problems later in their life. They also won’t have good nutrition. I think that it’s important to not eat lots of junk food.

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If I Was An Adult By Frederick C

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If I was an adult, I would want to be an adult for maybe a few months. I would like being an adult, because you basically have no house rules, and I guess you’re sort of “free.” But also, being a kid is the life. If I was an adult, I would travel the world,  especially places like Italy, and visit Korea as much as I can. It’s exciting that I can drive, but I know driving gets boring, so that’s one of the reasons why I’d only want to be an adult for a few months. Also, getting a job would be exciting for me. Whenever I would have time, I would just go around and have some fun! I don’t know if I’ll be playing video games when I’m an adult, that’s another reason. I could rest when I wanted, and do many more things. But I love being a kid!

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A Book You Need To Read! By Frederick C.

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If you need a book to read, you’re covered! I recommend A Dog’s Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron. It may seem a little long, with about 570 pages, but you won’t be able to stop reading! I liked this book because it was unique, talking about an amazing dog going through totally different lives. The other reason is that W. Bruce Cameron has a great imagination and can turn that into great books. As the dog goes through different lives, it also goes through different purposes as well.

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Wisdom Tale The Dolphin’s Speed by Frederick C


The Dolphin’s Speed

One beautiful morning in the ocean, a great white shark waited, hungry and ferocious,for something to eat. So he set out to catch his prey. A mile away, lived a dolphin, who didn’tcare what others said about how it was dangerous to go out by himself, but he wanted toexplore. He was made fun of because a 15-year-old dolphin was at least 2 feet bigger, wider,and the other dolphins were much stronger than he was. It always bothered him, so he’d hidefrom them.

All his fellow dolphins were asleep; of course they wouldn’t be awake on a Sunday. Heset out to explore places he’d never seen, but he came across the great white shark. The sharkunderestimated him and decided that he should be his meal. He approached and chased thedolphin, but the dolphin had too much speed for him. Since he was too fast for the shark, heescaped easily. The dolphin thought, “I may be small and weak, but it enables me to go faster.

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Comic Life Wisdom Tales By Frederick C

Mice In Council Wisdom Tales











In class, we made wisdom tales from Comic Life. I learned how to use Doodle Buddy and Comic Life even better. It was fun, but it took a lot more time than I expected. My wisdom tale is about mice in a house, who get prevented from food because of a cat. They had a meeting of how to get around the cat. One said to tie a bell around the neck of the cat. They liked his idea, but they asked if he could do it. The mouse never thought of that. The moral is don’t be boastful.

Open Note Test by Fred

Today, we took an open note test on wisdom tales. Open note test are tests when you can see your notes. To prepare the test, I made a Mindmeister map with the morals to help me get organized. I liked the open note test because we didn’t have to memorize anything. iPads were great and easy for open note tests. I like open note a lot better than memorizing!

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I Am Thankful For…By Frederick C







Photo taken by soccer team parent.

I am thankful for sports. I like sports because it keeps me active and feeling fresh. Without sports, there would be no soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc. Also, I would also have nothing to do in recess. I love how sports are fun and good for you. And without sports, I would have nothing to do after school. I would also probably be fatter than I am now. Also, I would have nothing to watch on T.V. Most of the things I watch are related to sports, even my video games! I wouldn’t have much to talk about either. Sports are a lot more important to me than I thought they were!

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Spain by Fred


Over the summer, I went to Spain. When we got to Spain, we figured out that our luggage wasn’t at the airport. So, we had to go to the stores and buy some shirts and shorts. Anyway, we first went to Barcelona and we also went to Madrid, Toledo, and many other cities. My favorite was Madrid. It was really cool walking down the streets, and I got a Messi jersey. We were in Barcelona the day that Spain won the Euro Cup so the streets were pretty noisy. One of my favorite parts was the food, especially jamon, which we ate almost every day in Spain. Spain was awesome, and I want to go there again!

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Grammar Project by Frederick C

In class we did a grammar project. I did first, second, and third person. First person has to refer to the speaker, using words like, I, me, mine, and more. Second person is used to address the reader. You use third person when you’re referring to a person, place, thing, or idea. You cannot use first and second person in the same sentence.

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Gleaning by Frederick C

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In October, some of our advisories went to a sweet potatoe farm to feed the hungry, called gleaning. For 2 hours we picked potatoes to feed the hungry.  When we got to the farm we paired up to bag the potatoes and pick the potatoes. First, we just started picking the potatoes just to help them, but in about 20 minutes it became a competition between our group and another.

Each bag was about 10 pounds! The competition got real intense, each of us picking potatoes, bagging them, and storing them in the trucks. People started joining our group, and their group, and soon it was 7 against 5. After 2 hours of picking the potatoes, we came up with 125 sweet potato bags, making up about 1,250 pounds of potatoes. The competition made it really fun, and I felt really good because we just fed thousands of people who are fighting hunger.

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