I Am Thankful For…By Frederick C







Photo taken by soccer team parent.

I am thankful for sports. I like sports because it keeps me active and feeling fresh. Without sports, there would be no soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc. Also, I would also have nothing to do in recess. I love how sports are fun and good for you. And without sports, I would have nothing to do after school. I would also probably be fatter than I am now. Also, I would have nothing to watch on T.V. Most of the things I watch are related to sports, even my video games! I wouldn’t have much to talk about either. Sports are a lot more important to me than I thought they were!

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18 thoughts on “I Am Thankful For…By Frederick C

  1. I’ve figured that out a long time ago….. are you going to watch anything on thanksgiving?

  2. @19aneesha, my favorite team is the panthers, but they don’t play on thanksgiving, so I’m just going to watch a bunch of other games.
    @19kay, I always watch the games, because I really not have much to do on days like this.
    @19jinger, my favorite sport is basketball.
    Are any of you guys going to Black Friday tonight? I think we are, but last time I was so tired even with some coffee.

  3. @19bella, I play for FC Cary. I know you play for Rainbow because of your post. Is your favorite sport soccer?

  4. @fred soccer is one of my favorite,even though I just started…😅but I also really like volleyball.

  5. @fred I’ve never heard of FC Cary! I was expecting triangle futbol club,but to your uniform didn’t look like it… So you go to Cary for every practice and games???😱

  6. @ oh wait never mind. You LIVE in Cary😄… So you come to school everyday all the way form CARY?!!!😱

  7. @19bella, yeah my ride is 25-30 min. My old friends are really pushing me to play travel. But obviously, my mom doesn’t like to drive. What other sports do you play?

  8. I play Triangle United. Do you play classic or challenge? Might team could play your team. I play challenge even though I made classic silver.

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