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  1. 19aneesha at |

    Great blog, Fred!! I love to play sports sooo much!!😊

  2. 19aneesha at |

    I don’t think I’m going to watch anything on Thanksgiving. What about you???

  3. 19aneesha at |

    Nice… What team???

  4. 19kay at |

    Do you guys know what teams are playing on Thanksgiving? Often I watch the game, what about you?

  5. 19jingerc at |

    Nice post Fred! I didn’t know you played soccer! What’s your favorite sport?

  6. 19aneesha at |

    My favorite team is the Panthers too!! Your favorite sport is basketball? I ❤ 🏀!!!

  7. 19bella at |

    Cool post! What soccer team do you play for?(rainbow,chapel hill,triangle,etc.)

  8. 19will at |

    @19fred, what is your favorite NBA team Fred?

  9. 19bella at |

    @fred soccer is one of my favorite,even though I just started…😅but I also really like volleyball.

  10. 19bella at |

    @fred I’ve never heard of FC Cary! I was expecting triangle futbol club,but to your uniform didn’t look like it… So you go to Cary for every practice and games???😱

  11. 19bella at |

    @ oh wait never mind. You LIVE in Cary😄… So you come to school everyday all the way form CARY?!!!😱

  12. 19dylan at |

    I play Triangle United. Do you play classic or challenge? Might team could play your team. I play challenge even though I made classic silver.

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