iPad by Sylvia

This year we have used iPads more than any other school. I think it was very nice to have an iPad. In Spanish, we use them for homework and projects. In science we use them for Nearpod quizzes. In health we use them for notes and iMuscle. In Pre-Algebra we use them for accessing homework and practice quizzes. In history we use them for looking up information. In Language Arts, we use them for just about everything. I fact, I’m using my iPad right now, making this post.

There’s barely any apps that I don’t use. I use Notes for notes and homework, Sketchbook for drawings, Skitch for Spanish homework, Blogsy for blog posts, and a whole lot more. iPads have been a big use this year and next year it will also be very helpful so I don’t have to carry so many books!


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