The Clever Squirrel Wisdom Tale By Keenan

There once was rabbit who boasted to all of the animals that he was the fastest one in theforest. No one argued, but nobody liked the rabbit either. The rabbit asked a crowd of animalsif anybody wanted to challenge him in a race, and nobody did. The rabbit was still the fastest inthe forest.

One day a squirrel came along. Some animals thought the he could beat the rabbit becausethey saw him running really fast. When the rabbit heard about the squirrel, he challenged himto a race. The squirrel excepted, but said that he would get to make the course. He made ahalf mile course that had a lot of branches fallen trees, and other obstacles, and started therace. The squirrel quickly climbed a tree and started jumping from tree to tree so he didn’t haveto avoid the obstacles on the ground. The rabbit could not get by the obstacles quickly. Thesquirrel beat the rabbit easily because the rabbit had to avoid everything on the ground. Therabbit had not thought about that before the race, so he had lost. The rabbit was mad, but thesquirrel said that he had beaten him fairly.

Morals: Don't boast, Always think things over 


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