Little Fox by Grace

There once was a lion who was a very great king, but when he died a great darkness fell over the forest. Everyone was saddened with grief, but there was a war going on in the land, they had to fight. While this war was going on, one of the last king’s advisors was looking for a new king, at last they had found someone who was believed to be a great ruler. He was not a good king, he brought more darkness to the forest.


Little did they know that there was a little fox of in a cave with his parents, he was a kind fox and he was generous. As he grew his parents knew he was special, there was a light in him. He brought happiness to everyone in the forest that he knew. His parents thought that he should be the ruler, they got the advisor to come and see.


The advisor tested little fox, and he thought that little fox was the one that would bring happiness to the whole forest. When the advisor told everyone else, they laughed.”He is so small, how can he rule the forest.”


The advisor said, “Size doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he will be a great king, if you just give him a chance.”


“Okay he has one month to try and bring happiness back to the forest. If he succeeds then he stays king.” The advisor told this great news to little fox.


After just one week, little fox had brought happiness back to the forest. He was the best king they had ever had. Little fox stayed and brought the happiness to the kingdom.

The moral of this story is “don’t judge someone by how they look.”

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3 thoughts on “Little Fox by Grace

  1. I like your story. I was looking at Anna’s and you and Anna W. have the same moral it’s a wonderful live lesson!

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